[100 Days Check-in 005] Points Trivia: Check in for more than 3 consecutive days to earn 5 points each time

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Original topic: 【百天打卡005】积分冷知识:连续签到3天以上,每次签到给5积分

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An appointment not kept past midnight, leisurely tapping chess pieces under the lamp.

Seeing some friends in the mutual help exchange area asking how to quickly accumulate points, here are some ways to earn points.
First, let me share the official guide from @Billmay’s cousin:

Now, let’s start our trivia time:

  1. Are the column articles too hardcore? Come on, check out this category. Yes, you can write stories to earn points. Isn’t that an easy 200 points? :sunglasses:


  1. If you are really using TiDB, you can write a new version application practice after each version release, even minor versions count~ :kissing_heart:

  2. Another scoring point that friends might overlook: course learning. Yes, you read that right, you can earn points by watching videos. The more you watch, the more points you get. Watch more, earn more; watch less, earn less; don’t watch, don’t earn~ :cowboy_hat_face:

Finally, the most important thing, repeated three times:

Check-in! Check-in!! Check-in!!!

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My dear comrade, posting in the middle of the night, so competitive :upside_down_face:

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Sure, posting late at night :astonished:

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It is expected to break the sign-in streak tomorrow.

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Wow, you’re not sleeping in the middle of the night. :rofl:

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Understood, please provide the Chinese text you would like translated into English.

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Slacking off, staying up late doesn’t count :crazy_face:, after 5 o’clock it’s considered the next day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahaha, I happen to have TiDB-related project support tonight.

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Posting late at night, reminiscing about my cousin while chugging a bottle~ :grin:

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Hair loss warning~~~ Hahaha~~~

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The timing of 5 o’clock is very precise, it shows that you have experience.

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My dear Dawareshi, remember to take good rest~

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It’s @老房’s turn to brag, hahaha.

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Although there are many places to earn points, you still need the ability to earn them. Sigh, let’s get competitive!

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I also want to rest, but you call me comrade~ :cowboy_hat_face:

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Will replying here also earn points?