101 Online Course - Core Principles and Architecture of TiDB Database [TiDB v6.1], Chapter 3, Section 1 Cannot Play Normally

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Original topic: 101在线课程课程-TiDB 数据库核心原理与架构 [TiDB v6.1] ,第3章第一节不能正常播放了。

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Failed to execute ‘appendBuffer’ on ‘SourceBuffer’: The SourceBuffer is full, and cannot free space to append additional buffers.


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Hello classmate, if you are using the Chrome browser, you can try updating Chrome or disabling GPU hardware acceleration. Here’s how: In the Chrome browser, type chrome://flags/, search for Hardware-accelerated video decode, select disabled, and then restart the browser. If you are using another browser, you can try resetting the browser.

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I tried it, no problem. It should be your issue.

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Here’s the situation: I’m using the EDGE browser, and videos from other chapters can be played, but this particular chapter cannot. I switched to the Chrome browser and followed the method mentioned in the second post to disable it, and found that it works. Resetting the browser on EDGE doesn’t help either.

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My computer’s Chrome can play normally.

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Has anyone tried using the Edge browser? :grinning: