101-TiDB Quick Start Course Learning Page Bug

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Original topic: 101-TiDB 快速起步课程学习 页面Bug

| username: TiDBer_LM

After completing the Welcome letter for the 101-TiDB Quick Start Course, another 101-TiDB Quick Start Course is nested inside, and the first lesson cannot be clicked.

| username: 大飞哥online | Original post link

Refresh it again, I’m using Tencent Browser, and it’s working fine.

| username: tidb菜鸟一只 | Original post link

I didn’t find this issue.

| username: TiDBer_LM | Original post link

Just refresh it. Using Chrome, version 117.0.5938.134 (Official Build) (64-bit).

| username: TiDBer_vfJBUcxl | Original post link

I also have no problem opening it.

| username: Fly-bird | Original post link

Browser issue, perhaps.

| username: TiDBer_小阿飞 | Original post link

Google Chrome

| username: system | Original post link

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