"【2 TiDB Talks at DTC】April 12-13 | Towards the Era of Intelligent Databases! PingCAP TiDB Invites You to Share the Path of AI and Database Integration~"

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Original topic: 【2个 TiDB Talk 在 DTC 】4月12-13日 | 迈向智能数据库时代!PingCAP TiDB 邀您共享 AI 与数据库融合之道~

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The 2024 Data Technology Carnival (DTC) will be held on April 12-13, 2024, at the Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace. This year’s conference, co-hosted by the China DBA Alliance (ACDU) and the Mo Tian Lun community, is themed “Intelligence · Cloud Native · Integration - DB and AI Collaborative Innovation, Model and Architecture Fusion Development.” It will gather over 80 outstanding technical leaders, academic elites, industry practitioners, and ecosystem evangelists to share cutting-edge technical insights, deep industry insights, and innovative practice cases, bringing a feast of data technology to the vast number of practitioners.

PingCAP has always been a long-term partner of the Data Technology Carnival (DTC), bringing wonderful speeches and technical sharing to the conference many times. At this year’s DTC grand event, PingCAP will feature two heavyweight guests, bringing the latest database AI technology and application cases, and taking everyone to understand the cutting-edge progress of the integration of databases and artificial intelligence.

“Database and Artificial Intelligence” Forum

At the “Database and Artificial Intelligence” forum on the afternoon of April 12, Yao Wei, Head of Global Community and Developer Experience at PingCAP, will deliver a speech titled “TiDB Progress in the Era of Gen AI.” General Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) has become a revolutionary force across all fields, including the fields of distributed databases and relational databases, which are actively exploring best practices for integration with AI. The speech will unveil the first native implementation of Vector storage in the MySQL world to be released by TiDB, sharing PingCAP’s application and exploration journey in the AI field.

In the past three years, TiDB has continuously evolved in innovative technologies such as HTAP, cloud-native/multi-cloud, and Serverless, launching a major version every year. In July 2023, TiDB Cloud Serverless was officially commercialized. As a fully managed DBaaS service that is AI Ready, it can automatically scale according to demand, providing cloud developers and startups with a low-to-zero cost option with a minimalist architecture, ultimate experience, and ultra-low threshold.

By 2024, TiDB will usher in the 8.0 era. In February, the fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) product TiDB Serverless will introduce built-in vector search capabilities, allowing developers to develop AI applications using TiDB Serverless without using new databases or additional technology stacks. This innovative initiative undoubtedly opens a new chapter for TiDB’s development in the AI era.

“Financial Industry Applications” Forum

At the “Financial Industry Applications” forum on the afternoon of April 13, Dai Tao, General Manager of Technology and Solutions at PingCAP, will deliver a speech titled “Building a Future-Oriented Financial Core System.” Distributed databases are an inevitable choice for the financial industry in the wave of localization. Over the past nine years, TiDB has accumulated massive practices in the financial industry, from transactional, hybrid to batch processing, from bank core, insurance core to other business scenarios. This speech will share the latest core system case of city commercial banks, providing insights and reference paths for database selection and application.

Since its inception, TiDB’s native distributed architecture has been highly compatible with the business needs of financial-grade businesses in terms of strong consistency, high availability, and scalability. Early versions have served financial users, including Bank of Beijing. TiDB’s core capabilities have always originated from co-creation with Chinese financial users. As a financial-grade distributed database, TiDB has successfully replaced classic databases and MySQL databases in the core data service platform of state-owned large banks, the core transaction system of leading city commercial banks, the core policy system of leading insurance companies, and the core transaction system of leading securities companies.

In 2023, TiDB deeply penetrated the core systems of the financial industry, achieving leapfrog development in the application scale and effectiveness in state-owned large banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, insurance, securities, and other fields. More and more customers choose to deploy TiDB in key business scenarios, with multiple clusters close to PB level put into production, and some extreme scenarios with QPS exceeding 1,000,000. These successful cases fully demonstrate TiDB’s strong strength and wide application in the financial industry.

Under the polishing of extreme scenarios in China, TiDB has global leading technical capabilities. In the past year, TiDB has not only achieved success in China but also helped Chinese enterprises go global, gaining more and more recognition among global enterprises. More than 3,000 leading enterprises worldwide are using TiDB, and this number continues to grow, witnessing TiDB’s wide application and influence globally.

In the future, PingCAP will continue to promote the integration and innovation of database and AI technology, providing strong support for the digital transformation of various industries. Let’s look forward to the technical sharing brought by PingCAP at DTC 2024 and witness more innovative achievements!

Conference Agenda

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Key points:

April 12th afternoon [Special Forum 4]: Database and Artificial Intelligence
14:00-14:30, Yao Wei, Head of Global Community and Developer Experience at PingCAP, will deliver a speech titled “TiDB Progress in the Era of Gen AI.”

April 13th afternoon [Special Forum 9]: Financial Industry Applications
15:00-15:30, Dai Tao, General Manager of Technology and Solutions at PingCAP, will deliver a speech titled “Building Future-Oriented Financial Core Systems.”

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