2024 TiDB Documentation Challenge Guide | TiDB Documentation Tips ✨ (Continuously Updated!)

This topic has been translated from a Chinese forum by GPT and might contain errors.

Original topic: 2024 TiDB 文档挑战赛通关秘籍|TiDB 文档小知识✨(持续更新!)

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1. How to find where a TiDB document’s source file is stored on GitHub?

Take the v7.5 TiDB Overview document as an example. Scroll to the bottom of the document page and click the GitHub link to go directly to docs-cn/overview.md at release-7.5 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub


2. What should I do after claiming a Chinese-English translation task?


  • When you claim a translation PR in the Chinese repository pingcap/docs-cn, you need to create a corresponding English PR in the English repository pingcap/docs.
  • When you claim a translation PR in the English repository pingcap/docs, you need to create a corresponding Chinese PR in the Chinese repository pingcap/docs-cn.

Example of a Chinese to English translation task:

  1. Fork the English document repository pingcap/docs and clone the forked repository to your local machine.
  2. Find the corresponding English file involved in the changes of the Chinese PR and make the corresponding modifications to the English file according to the changes in the Chinese PR, adding the translation.
    When translating, please refer to the TiDB Chinese-English Glossary.
  3. After completing the English modifications, create a new PR in the English document repository pingcap/docs and submit the translated file.
    When creating the PR, please fill in the PR description according to the PR template. For example, add the link to the Chinese PR in the “This PR is translated from” section of the PR description.
  4. Handle the translation status labels of the translation PR:
    • After creating the English PR, add the /translation from-docs-cn command in the PR comment (this command adds the translation/from-docs-cn label to the PR), indicating that this PR is translated from Chinese.
      If it is an English to Chinese translation task, add the /translation from-docs command.

    • Go back to the Chinese PR and add the /remove-translation doing and /translation done commands in the comment to change the PR label to translation/done, indicating that the translation is complete.

3. Will new tasks be added after a certain type of task is claimed?

4. What should I do after submitting a document PR?

  1. Patiently wait for review: Due to the volume of tasks and the number of participants, your PR may not be reviewed or merged immediately. Please be patient.
  2. Pay attention to PR comments and accept/reject review suggestions: Check and respond to PR comments. If you agree with the reviewer’s suggestions, modify the document accordingly. If you disagree with a suggestion, explain your reasons in the comments. :bell: Tip: Batch accept review suggestions and handle CI checks
  3. Note the deadline: Only PRs merged before January 26, 2024, will be counted towards activity points to win exquisite gifts.

TiDBers are welcome to raise any questions at any time. This post will be continuously updated~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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