6.5.0 tidb_dashboard cannot start, reporting that some glibc cannot be found

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Original topic: 6.5.0 tidb_dashboard 启动不了,报找不到某些glibc

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When I upgraded these packages, I also crashed the system.
I want to ask if tidb_dashboard must be installed on the same server as pd.

Or can I remove tidb_dashboard from tidb_dashboard in topology.yaml and install version 5.4.0?

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The component versions definitely need to be consistent; it’s best not to use different versions.

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It’s me. I am using an unsafe version 6.5.0.
I will install 6.1.3 to see if it doesn’t require a separate installation of tidb_dashboard. I am worried that installing 6.5.0 still won’t start. It prompts that glibc cannot be found.

I don’t know if 6.1.3 will also prompt that glibc cannot be found.

If it doesn’t work, I will install 5.4.0. 5.4.0 should not have a separate dashboard. It should be able to start. My other cluster is 5.4.0.
What I am worried about is that the template generated by tiup cluster template > topology.yaml cannot be used for 6.1.3 or 5.4.0.

I just want to know if I can directly remove tidb_dashboard and just change the version number.

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  1. Version 5.4.0 does not support standalone deployment of the dashboard. This feature is supported starting from version 6.2.0. For details, refer to the TiDB 6.2.0 Release Notes: TiDB 6.2.0 Release Notes | PingCAP Docs
  2. In version 6.5.0, you can use the dashboard built into PD. For standalone deployment, there are version requirements for glibc.
  3. To not deploy the dashboard separately, simply remove or comment out the tidb_dashboard_server section in the topology file.
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So that means I just need to remove tidb_dashboard from the template. The dashboard is together with PD.

If I don’t deploy the dashboard separately, I don’t need to upgrade glibc, right?

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Yes, when generating the configuration file, the tidb_dashboard_servers section is not included by default. It will only be generated if you add the --full option.

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