A large number of empty folders are generated in the /tmp directory on the control machine in tiup (version 1.9.5)

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Original topic: tiup(版本1.9.5)中控机器上/tmp目录生成巨多空的文件夹

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Many empty folders are generated every minute in the /tmp directory on the TiUP control machine (the names of the generated folders are irregular). I don’t know what operation is causing this. Please help to investigate.

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Is there a tidb-server above? Did the executed SQL trigger disk writing? Check this out: TiDB 配置文件描述 | PingCAP 文档中心

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The TiDB server has not been deployed, it is only the control machine for managing the TiDB/DM cluster with tiup.

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I think you can delete it and then try upgrading the tiup version. :thinking:

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The creation times of the folders are all the same. Should we check what operations were performed at that point?

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