A large number of schema-trackerXXXXX folders are generated by the worker in DM 5.4.2

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Original topic: dm 5.4.2中的worker产生schema-trackerXXXXX文件夹很多

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Testing
【TiDB Version】dm 5.4.2
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Can it be prevented from generating or handled?

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These files can be deleted after execution.

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What needs to be executed? Does it have to be deleted manually?

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How to check if it has finished executing? The previous version didn’t have this issue.

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Could you please:

  1. Provide the full paths of these files so I can confirm them.
  2. Although I am familiar with DM, it seems that the storage changes in schema-tracker might be related to this optimization.
  3. What was the previous version of DM?
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Sorry, I was a bit busy earlier. The path that appears is under the data folder corresponding to the worker folder below.

It was version 2.x before.

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I checked mine, and they are all empty.

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Which version are you using?

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  1. This optimization caused it.
  1. Because mockStore uses /tmp as the default storage space, schemaTracker uses mockStore to trace schema version information. However, when the space is insufficient, it can cause issues such as process crashes --》 Worker will quit without friendly message when no space in /tmp · Issue #4107 · pingcap/tiflow (github.com)

  2. It’s unlikely that it won’t generate.

  3. Handling should be fine, but it’s recommended to restart to avoid unknown issues. Stop the process, delete the data, and then restart the process (personally, I think this is safer).

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