A worker in DM cannot be restarted

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Original topic: dm中的一个worker重新启动不了

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One worker is in a semi-dead state,

Looking at the logs, there are no errors reported, and the CPU on the top server is not fully utilized.

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I don’t think it’s that it can’t start up, it’s just that there are no tasks running on it, right?

| username: Jjjjayson_zeng | Original post link

Of course, there is. The task reports that it can’t find a relevant worker, otherwise, how could it be called a zombie state?

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Are there any related error reports for the task?

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Is it working now? “Free” means no data source is bound. It means no data source is allocated.

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How many workers do you currently have? How many workers are currently in a free state, and how many workers are in a bound state?

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There are four states for worker nodes: Offline, Free (online but not configured with source data end), Bound (online and bound to the source data end), and Relay (online and extracting relevant relay logs). The “Free” state you are seeing should mean that the source database instance is not bound.

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It’s not good yet. Created a new worker and bound it to the newly created one.

| username: Jjjjayson_zeng | Original post link

Otherwise, the task cannot be stopped.

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Revlant worker ghost. I remember part of the content saying that you must keep a few free workers. Otherwise, the switch cannot be completed in case of a failure. I forgot where I saw it. You can succeed by creating a new worker.