Abnormal Duration in TiKV

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Original topic: tikv的duration异常

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
After an abnormal reboot of the host, the tikv duration response was very slow upon startup, affecting the tidb duration. As shown in the figure:
tikv duration:

tidb duration: Red arrow, response is very slow

The read and write operations of the cluster have slowed down. Currently, the cluster is stable by reducing the scheduling, but the tikv duration response is still very slow.

Is there any way to keep the tikv duration at a relatively low value?

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It’s not working, let’s remove the TiKV on the machine that was restarted first. The KV request duration has reached 1 minute…

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Previously, I didn’t notice that a host reboot would cause this issue. It has happened twice recently, and evicting TiKV resolves it. The logs show elections, but I’m not sure if there are any other parameters that can control this?

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This node’s leader has recovered by one-third.

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I think if possible, you should upgrade the version first since v3.0.19 is indeed a bit outdated. :grin:

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At least it works fine now, but upgrading will make it even worse.

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Does 3.0 not have tiup?

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No. ansible :grin:

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Recommend a higher version.

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What is the current balance of leaders and regions? Check the network latency monitoring with black exporter. Look at the tikv-detail monitoring to see which type of backoff is higher.

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Take a look at the load balancer.

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However, not upgrading will eventually lead to failure. Upgrade sooner rather than later.

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It is recommended to upgrade the version.

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After upgrading the kernel version, bringing TiKV back online is normal.

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