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Today, during testing, I used tiup cluster clean tidb-test --all to clean the cluster, and then started the cluster again using tiup cluster start tidb-test. The cluster started normally, but the original root user of the cluster could not connect, showing incorrect username or password. Does this password have an initial default value?

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Is it no longer possible to log in with the previous initial password? The one that was automatically generated when the cluster was first created. Or try logging in without a password.

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If you add --init when starting, for example, tiup cluster start tidb-test --init, the root will have a default password. If you don’t add --init, the password will be empty.

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After trying for a long time, I found that after cleaning, the root password was reset to empty, not the automatically generated one.

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Indeed, I didn’t add --init, the root password is empty.

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The document says there is an “initial-cluster” here…