Add a MySQL Replica Under a TiDB Cluster

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Original topic: 在tidb集群下挂个mysql从库

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For data cleaning needs, to avoid affecting normal business operations directly on TiDB, a MySQL replica is attached under TiDB. Dumpling is used to export stock data, and TiCDC is used to synchronize incremental data. How can Lighting import data into MySQL?

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You can dump TiDB data into an SQL file and execute it in MySQL.

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Execute the SQL file directly in MySQL, or load the CSV file.

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The logical import mode of Lightning should work.

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How to import lighting into MySQL?

This is simple, install MyDumper and then use the command to import, for example:

myloader -u root -p -d /tmp/test

Dumpling export types such as CSV, SQL, sharded export, etc., can all be restored in this way.

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