Add Non-Null Field

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Original topic: 添加非空字段

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Testing
[TiDB Version] v6.5
If I add a non-null field to the current table, will the original data change?

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This is a situation I tested

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I tried it, and it performs the same as MySQL 8.0.

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Please elaborate, expert.

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Didn’t understand the meaning.

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I tested the performance and it was consistent, all padding with 0.

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It’s always been like this.

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Is there any documentation that explains this in detail?

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Expand what? I just verified it in 8.0, and it’s the same as what you verified: varchar is given a null value, and int is given 0.

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Did you use SQL Server before? SQL Server will report an error.

ALTER TABLE only allows adding columns that meet the following conditions: the column can contain Null values; or the column has a specified DEFAULT definition; or the column to be added is an identity column or a timestamp column; or, if none of the previous conditions are met, the table must be empty to allow adding this column. The column “c_temp” cannot be added to the non-empty table “tb_store” because it does not meet the above conditions.

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I used to think it would throw an error, but now it automatically fills in the missing values. Awesome!
Does version 5.7 automatically fill in the missing values or throw an error?

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I no longer have a 5.7 environment here; everything has been upgraded to 8.0.

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It is related to sql mode, or is it set to 0 by default in version 8.0 and above?

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I couldn’t find it, but I remember it being like this.

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It’s the same as MySQL. When adding a NOT NULL constraint, it is generally used together with a default value.

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Directly padding int with 0

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This is related to the type of field you added and whether it has a default value. Adding a non-null integer will change the original data, while if it’s a string, it might be empty.

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Adding a new field will supplement the default value.

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int padZero

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Use NOT NULL constraint + default value