Adding Index to Large Table, No Data in Monitoring Charts

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Original topic: 大表添加索引,监控图表没数据

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[Test Environment for TiDB]
[TiDB Version] 5.4
Table with 120 million rows, partitioned table, added index, checked DDL monitoring chart, no data

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Let’s see if there’s any activity here.

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Which section is this monitoring graph in?

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For DDL in TiDB, I am using version 7.5.

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I’m using version 5.4, and I don’t have this. The command to check the progress has changed, and the monitoring graph still doesn’t have any data.

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  1. Use tiup cluster display [cluster-name] to check if the Prometheus service is running normally.
  2. Check if the refresh rate in Grafana is too long.
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There is probably a delay in the monitoring.

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You can use admin show ddl jobs to check the progress.

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show ddl jobs, or directly query and insert into this table, and then see if there are any changes.

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There are changes, it’s because the table is large, execution is slow, and the monitoring charts still have no data.

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The table is too large, and the preparation time is long.

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Hasn’t started yet, right?

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It might be a false positive, let’s wait a bit longer.

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Monitoring delay? Or statistical data delay?