After creating the table and immediately loading data, there is a chance that the report does not exist

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Original topic: create table之后 立马load data,有几率存在报表不存在

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After creating a table through a program on TiDB and then loading data, there is a chance of reporting that the table structure does not exist. However, when checking afterward, the table can be found. It is suspected that there is an issue with multi-node scheduling. For example, in a three-node setup, if two nodes successfully create the table but one node fails, it returns an error. Then, when loading data into the table that hasn’t been successfully created, an error is reported. This issue has also occurred in OB, but they have parameters to control whether this is an asynchronous process, a synchronous return process, or to control the asynchronous return time. I would like to ask if TiDB also has such parameters.

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If there are 3 TiDB servers, and one creates it while another immediately loads it, will it report that it does not exist?

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Do you indeed return a successful table creation message before loading data?

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Using an entry point

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It should be integrated into the program.

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See if there are multiple threads running.

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After creating the table, did you check admin show ddl jobs? Confirm that the DDL has been completed before loading data.

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The CREATE TABLE operation is a DDL operation, while LOAD DATA is a DML operation. Could it be that the DDL operation hasn’t completed yet? Use ADMIN SHOW DDL JOBS; to check the start and end times of the table creation.

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It feels like when it’s not the same TiDB owner, this situation might occur.

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Use SHOW TABLES; to confirm that the table has been successfully created and is visible on all nodes before proceeding.

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It’s just a bit slower.

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