After deleting the entire database with TiFlash, there is table information in the TIFLASH_TABLES table, but no information in the TIFLASH_REPLICA table

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Original topic: 整库tiflash,删除库后TIFLASH_TABLES表中有表信息,TIFLASH_REPLICA表中任何信息

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After deleting the entire TiFlash database, when checking TIFLASH_REPLICA and TIFLASH_TABLES, TIFLASH_TABLES still contains table TiFlash replica metadata information, but the TIFLASH_REPLICA table has no information. Why is this? I have restarted TiFlash, but it remains the same.

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So do you want to delete the data, or what do you want to do?

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From my impression, in version 5.4, TiFlash generates TiFlash metadata for all tables in the cluster. This system table stores information about all tables in the cluster. Theoretically, in version 6.5, it should have been modified to generate TiFlash metadata only for tables that have TiFlash replicas set. Therefore, this system table should store metadata for all tables that have TiFlash replicas set. However, I haven’t verified whether the metadata in this table will be cleared if the TiFlash replica is canceled after generation. You can check whether the metadata still exists in the data storage directory of your TiFlash node. Mine is /u01/tidb-data/tiflash-9000/data.

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I verified that the database with TiFlash was deleted. After the database is deleted, is TiFlash also gone?

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First try using set replicate 0 and then delete.

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It’s useless, it reports that the database does not exist.