After Expansion, TiKV Remains in Offline State

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Original topic: 扩容后tikv一直处于offline状态

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
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【Reproduction Path】Execute scaling using tiup, command
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tikv remains in offline status, logs are as follows:
[2023/11/09 00:46:14.608 +08:00] [FATAL] [] [“failed to start node: Other("[components/pd_client/src/]: duplicated store address: id:1005 address:\"\" version:\"6.5.0\" peer_address:\"\" status_address:\"\" git_hash:\"47b81680f75adc4b7200480cea5dbe46ae07c4b5\" start_timestamp:1699461974 deploy_path:\"/usr/local/tikvtest/tikv-20160/bin\" , already registered by id:7 address:\"\" state:Offline version:\"6.5.0\" peer_address:\"\" status_address:\"\" git_hash:\"47b81680f75adc4b7200480cea5dbe46ae07c4b5\" start_timestamp:1695720782 deploy_path:\"/usr/local/tikvtest/tikv-20160/bin\" last_heartbeat:1699438910562858261 node_state:Removing ")”]

Before scaling, I confirmed that the deployment path and data storage directory do not exist, so there should be no conflict issues. Please, experts, help to check the reason.

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Enter pd-ctl to check all the stores to see if there are two instances of It is highly likely that one of the KV nodes has not been fully decommissioned.

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The address is duplicated, has already been configured as store id 7

duplicated store address

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You can use pd-ctl to check the status of the store: pd-ctl -u http://pd-ip:2379 store.

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I suspect that you might have expanded the capacity repeatedly?

duplicated store address: (duplicate address below)
id:1005 address:“” version:“6.5.0” deploy_path:“/usr/local/tikvtest/tikv-20160/bin”,
already registered by (address already registered below)
id:7 address:“” state:Offline version:“6.5.0” deploy_path:“/usr/local/tikvtest/tikv-20160/bin”

| username: 月明星稀 | Original post link

Use /pd/api/v1/stores to check, indeed there was already one. Could it be because I used --force when scaling down?

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Yes, you can refer to the way I handled it before:

| username: 像风一样的男子 | Original post link

Or you can change a KV port to start it.

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Multiple expansions on the same IP?

| username: oceanzhang | Original post link

Did you configure it incorrectly?

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Check the configuration file.

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It feels like the configuration file is written incorrectly.

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The previous TiKV with store ID 20160 hasn’t been completely scaled down yet, and you expanded it again, causing the store ID to be duplicated.

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Yes, I feel like this is the issue :thinking:

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The address is duplicated.

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Check the configuration file.