After installing the TiCDC and TiFlash components, they cannot be displayed on the dashboard. Do I need to modify or adjust any configurations?

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Original topic: ticdc和tiflash组件安装后,在dashboard无法展示,需要修改调整哪些配置吗?

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[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] After installing the ticdc and tiflash components, they cannot be displayed on the dashboard. Do I need to modify or adjust any configurations?
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I checked, and the dashboard -> monitoring metrics page does have TiFlash metrics, but I couldn’t find the TiCDC nodes. However, the metrics in the dashboard are not comprehensive to begin with, so we still need to rely on Grafana to view detailed metrics.

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Well, it seems that the dashboard and Grafana need to be used together.

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Can’t you see the TiFlash monitoring on the 6.5 version of the dashboard?
As for TiCDC, I indeed don’t recall seeing it on the dashboard.

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I personally feel that the monitoring information on the dashboard is not very comprehensive. I suggest using Grafana instead.

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Here to learn.

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I’ve learned a lot.

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Use Grafana

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Is the TiDB cluster deployed using TiUP, with a one-click deployment monitoring system? There should be separate TiCDC and TiFlash panels. You can refer to the following two documents:

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I haven’t really used it.

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It seems that the dashboard does not have ticdc. I remember that there is no ticdc in the log search section.

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How was it resolved?

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