After Node Offline, It Remains in Pending Offline Status and Does Not Disappear Even After 1 Day

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Original topic: 节点下线后,处于Pending Offline无法消失,等了1天

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production
[TiDB Version] 6.1.0
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact] A node encountered an issue and after being taken offline, it remains in Pending Offline status. Upon checking the relevant information, the size is already zero, but the region_count is still 3499. This Pending Offline status just won’t disappear. How can I make it disappear?

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Region migration is slow, as long as it keeps decreasing, there will be no problem.

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This 3499 has been stuck for a very long time.

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Read the article and manually schedule first.

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You can open the Grafana site to check the progress of pending offline. It is possible that the data is too large and has not been completed yet. I have experienced a situation where it was pending for a day. There are parameters that can be adjusted to speed it up.

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Without a leader, can we be bold and use --force to take it offline directly?

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@h5n1 @tidb newbie Yes, but we don’t dare to do this in production. The region_count is stuck at 3499, and we can’t manually schedule it. They are all empty.

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Check out this article: 专栏 - tikv下线Pending Offline卡住排查思路 | TiDB 社区

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Region migration and Leader migration are two different things. Even if the leader is 0, you still have to wait for the region_count to be 0. What needs to be done now is to manually trigger the region migration action. You still need to refer to the previous documentation. The --force option only removes the node from tiup, but it won’t actually delete it from the real cluster. Don’t use it lightly.

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There have been instances where the PD cluster’s abnormal status might cause nodes to fail to go offline properly.

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All values are 0, but the status is still Pending Offline. Additionally, I tried to check these two KV-SERVER processes, and they keep restarting infinitely: down, restart, down. The logs continuously output errors. Please help take a look, thank you very much.

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Have you tried the method mentioned by h5n1 here? Check it out and see.

专栏 - TiKV缩容下线异常处理的三板斧 | TiDB 社区.

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It seems like there’s a separate thread for your TiKV restart issue. You can stop these two and use the online unsafe recover feature in version 6.1.

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Thank you, boss. Online unsafe recover is very useful.

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