After PD scaling, old IPs are still found in the PD process

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Original topic: pd 扩缩容后,发现pd进程中还有老的ip

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 4.0.13
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I have 3 PDs. After scaling in and out, I checked the PD process and found the IP of the old PD still present. However, the old PD is no longer listed in the members. Will this situation cause any issues? PD switching

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The parameters of the process are brought at startup, and the information inside the component has actually been updated. You can see that the process information of TiKV and TiDB still shows the original PD information. Restarting the component process will change the information.

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There should be no problem without restarting. Even if PD switches, it should still be fine.

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It doesn’t affect anything; your cluster is working just fine right now.

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Can be ignored.

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The version is too old. 4.x is no longer maintained.

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4.X is a classic enlightenment version and should go into the PingCAP museum.

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Version 7 is out, I suggest upgrading. The new version has much better performance, features, and stability.

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