After setting storage.engine: "partitioned-raft-kv", is tiflash synchronization no longer supported?

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Original topic: storage.engine: "partitioned-raft-kv"设置后是不是就不支持tilfash同步了

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After setting storage.engine: “partitioned-raft-kv”, does it mean tiflash synchronization is no longer supported?
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Take a look at the image above.

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Yes, this engine is not compatible with TiFlash.
partitioned-raft-kv is an experimental feature and has not been officially GA, right?

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Oh, there’s such a situation? I was planning to enable it too, but luckily I didn’t. Adjusting parameters in TiDB is risky; I’ve encountered bugs caused by parameter changes twice already.

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Partitioned Raft KV | PingCAP Documentation Center does not support TiFlash

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It can run in actual tests, but it is not officially supported yet. You can research partitionkv on your own and wait until it is GA before using it.

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It’s okay, this only takes effect when initializing the cluster. After initialization, any modifications will not take effect.

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After setting storage.engine: “partitioned-raft-kv”, TiFlash synchronization is not supported.

Currently not compatible with TiFlash

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This setting is not compatible with TiFlash.

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It can be synchronized and is usable in most cases. However, there are some known compatibility issues that have not yet been resolved.

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Most of them can be used normally.