After upgrading TiDB 5.2.2 to 6.5.2 using TiUP without downtime, the version number was not completely updated successfully

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Original topic: tidb5.2.2 tiup不停机升级到6.5.2后版本号未全部修改成功

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[Test Environment] TiDB
[TiDB Version] 5.2.2
[Reproduction Path] (使用 TiUP 升级 TiDB | PingCAP 文档中心)
[Encountered Issue: Symptoms and Impact]
SELECT TIDB_VERSION() shows version: 6.5.2
Browser management page shows version: 6.5.2

Using tiup to query:
tiup cluster display tidb-test

tiup is checking updates for component cluster …
Starting component cluster: /root/.tiup/components/cluster/v1.12.1/tiup-cluster display tidb-test
Cluster type: tidb
Cluster name: tidb-test
Cluster version: v5.2.2
Deploy user: root

The non-stop upgrade was chosen. In this case, was the upgrade successful or failed?

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  1. Use the tiup cluster audit command to view the operation records:
tiup cluster audit

Find the failed upgrade operation record and note the ID of the operation record. In the next step, <audit-id> will represent the value of the operation record ID.
2. Use the tiup cluster replay <audit-id> command to retry the corresponding operation:

tiup cluster replay <audit-id>

It seems that the upgrade was not completed due to tiup. Check the upgrade logs to see which step reported an error, and try upgrading again.

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After checking the upgrade log, I found that one node did not have the node_exp 9100 service. I manually deployed one, and it worked fine.

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