After Using BR's PITR for Recovery, Table Insert Reports 1062 - Duplicate Entry Error

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Original topic: 使用BR的PITR恢复后表插入数据报1062- Duplicate entry错误

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[Reproduction Path]
Using Rancher to deploy an RKE2 cluster on Huawei Cloud, with Longhorn 1.4.1 storage class. After performing PITR recovery from S3 (using BR for periodic and log backups), data queries are normal, but inserting data results in errors like:
1062 - Duplicate entry ‘540119’ for key ‘mytable.PRIMARY’.
The table ‘mytable’ has only two composite primary keys: ID (varchar22) and TENANT (int). Using the query:
SELECT id, tenant, count(0) as count
FROM mytable
GROUP BY id, tenant
HAVING count(*) > 1;
returns no results. The ‘mytable.PRIMARY’ mentioned in the error is unclear.
[Resource Configuration]
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Check the data corresponding to this primary key, there should already be data.

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It is estimated to be a bug. Restarting the cluster resolves the issue. Alternatively, using select on this table works fine. Not sure about the underlying principle.

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What is the version of your cluster?
Additionally, can you check if the inserted record exists by querying the primary key?
Finally, could you provide the output of the “show create table xxx” statement to see the table structure?

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There are many bugs in the br, try upgrading to the latest version.

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