After using tiup to upgrade the TiDB cluster from v5.4.2 to v5.4.3 without downtime, a version inconsistency issue occurred

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Original topic: 使用tiup不停机升级 TiDB 集群,从v5.4.2升级到v5.4.3后,出现版本显示不一致问题。

| username: zhimadi

[Test Environment for TiDB] Testing
[TiDB Version] V5.4.2
tiup -v
1.10.3 tiup
Go Version: go1.18.5
Git Ref: v1.10.3
[Reproduction Path] tiup cluster upgrade v5.4.3
[Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] Using tiup for a non-stop upgrade of the TiDB cluster from v5.4.2 to v5.4.3, there is an inconsistency in the version display. The dashboard shows the version as v5.4.3, while the backend tiup cluster display shows v5.4.2.
[Resource Configuration]
[Attachments: Screenshots/Logs/Monitoring]

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You need to provide the version of TiUP. Additionally, you can execute select * from information_schema.CLUSTER_INFO; to confirm the versions of the database components.

You can check the .tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/{cluster-name}/meta.yaml file to verify the version in this meta file. The version displayed by TiUP should be consistent with the tidb_version in the meta file.

You can find the failed tiup cluster upgrade command from that day, get the audit ID, and try tiup cluster replay.

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cat .tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/{cluster-name}/meta.yaml
user: tidb
tidb_version: v5.4.2

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This might not have been fully upgraded successfully. How about trying your cousin’s method?

| username: zhimadi | Original post link

It seems that the upgrade was not completely successful. I re-executed the upgrade, and it was successful and consistent.

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Great~ It’s good that the problem is solved~

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