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After expanding and deploying ticdc with tiup, the tikv_enabled_hibernate_regions alarm appeared. Currently, no impact on performance has been observed. Is this related to the deployment of ticdc?

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This alert is about whether the hibernate-regions option is enabled. You can set the alert according to your own needs, generally used in conjunction with CDC. After enabling CDC, hibernate-regions will become ineffective. If CDC is not deployed in the cluster, you don’t need to pay much attention to it.

Additionally, in version 4.0 of TiCDC, you can check the official website. After TiCDC is enabled, it will activate all hibernate regions, meaning silent regions will no longer be silent. Therefore, in version 4.0.9, an alert rule for enabling Hibernate Region in TiKV was added #1120, which is the alert you see in this post.

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