Alert: TiKV pending task too much type: resolved-ts

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Original topic: 报警TiKV pending task too much type: resolved-ts

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Warning Log:
[WARNING] TiKV pending task too much
Cluster: xxxxx
Content: type: resolved-ts, instance: xxxxx, values: 3374

There are a large number of updates during the time period. Do we need to handle this warning?

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Is it caused by extremely large batch processing? If so, then such a warning is normal.
Refer here:

It is recommended that the business unit follow the suggestions in the documentation to make some optimizations to avoid long transaction commit times or transactions existing for too long before committing.

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If there are large transactions, it is recommended to break them down into smaller transactions for execution.

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Try to avoid large transactions and long transactions as much as possible.

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Avoid large transactions and long transactions.

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Avoid large transactions.

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Long transactions, try to break them down in the business logic.

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