All TiDB queries suddenly become very slow, taking more than 5 minutes

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Original topic: tidb突然所有查询都变得很慢超过5分钟

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Suddenly all queries have become extremely slow. Due to network restrictions, I can’t access the monitoring interface. Through PD, I found that there aren’t many slow SQL queries. I hope experts can provide some troubleshooting ideas.

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Go to the dashboard to see all the SQL queries. Optimize the top SQL query that consumes the most actual CPU time.

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The dashboard is also not visible. Can it be viewed through an SQL query or some command?

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In cases where all SQL queries are slow, it is recommended to first check the CPU, memory, I/O, and network on the system.

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Check the system table information_schema.cluster_slow_query to see which specific stage is slow.

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You can also use “explain analyze” to see exactly where the slow SQL is slow.

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This situation is generally caused by issues with underlying resources. It is recommended to first check system resources, including disk and network.

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Quickly check the health of key business tables. It might be that low health and inaccurate statistics are causing the execution plan to go awry. The business side should throttle and execute ANALYZE TABLE.

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Check the execution plan, or use the cluster_slow_query under the information_schema database, and look at them together.

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