An error occurred while restoring cluster data to a new cluster

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Original topic: br恢复集群数据到新集群过程中发生错误

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During the process of using the restore CRD to create a task to restore data to a new cluster, only the database was migrated, and the data was missing. Upon checking the restore task, the task execution failed.
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The image you provided is not accessible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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The host does not exist.

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My tikv2 has already been taken offline, but why is it still performing liveness checks in the tasks?

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I checked the records in PD, and although the TiKV instance on that node has been deleted, there is still a record with the status “down,” and it cannot be deleted using the delete command.

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Refer to Binbin’s article for handling:
Column - Three Strategies for Handling Abnormal TiKV Scale-down Offline | TiDB Community

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Creating a CRD task? Is it in a k8s environment? Is it a normal operation to take it offline? 手动扩缩容 Kubernetes 上的 TiDB 集群 | PingCAP 文档中心

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There are no hosts left.

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In the test environment’s empty cluster, I directly recycled the cluster and rebuilt it. TiKV has been down continuously, unable to start up or go offline.

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Directly modifying the instance replicas worked fine initially, but after a few changes, things went wrong. At first, there were no issues, but later, I felt that the configuration for testing was too high, so I reclaimed a few machines. When I restarted, I found that something was wrong. The TiKV nodes couldn’t go offline and remained down, and I couldn’t delete them. So, I decided to reclaim this empty cluster and set up a new one, which resolved the issue.

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