Analyze will not execute automatically

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Original topic: analyze 不会自动执行

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Health below the threshold did not execute statistics.

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The automatic collection of statistics at the table level is serial. Check the mysql.analyze_jobs table for records of currently executing and historically executed statistics collection tasks.

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The minimum value for tidb_auto_analyze_ratio is 0.3, changing it to 0.2 is useless.

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I set it up, but it didn’t execute.

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Can’t find the record in the historical executions either?

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  1. Pay attention to the time zone.
  2. Check the parameter tidb_enable_auto_analyze.
  3. How much data is in the table? If it’s less than 1000 rows, it won’t be triggered.
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I have also encountered this problem. For scenarios with many tables and a large number of rows in each table, this issue arises. In versions before 6.5, the system performed analyze table serially, which was very inefficient. Versions >=6.5 support concurrent execution, but TiDB’s health calibration in this area is not very perfect. We are also reviewing the source code in this area to see if we can add more coroutines.

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Generally, it does not meet the conditions for auto analyze.

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In many scenarios, before auto analyze is triggered, the SQL response time has already increased several times to dozens of times. :sweat_smile:

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Two values: 0.3 and 1000

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As mentioned by the experts above,

  1. Whether tidb_enable_auto_analyze is enabled;
  2. Pay attention to whether the auto_analyze meets the tidb_auto_analyze_ratio threshold (minimum is 0.3);
  3. Whether the data in the table is less than 1000 rows, if it is less than 1000 rows, automatic statistics collection will not be triggered;
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It seems that there is no such parameter tidb_enable_auto_analyze in version 5.2. I can’t find this parameter. Could it be a time zone issue? Should it be set to +0800?

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Check if the parameter is enabled and the trigger conditions.

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Version 5.2 does not have this tidb_enable_auto_analyze parameter.

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Sorry, I didn’t notice the version number before. This is the FAQ corresponding to version 5.2.

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You still need to check the trigger conditions.

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The data in the table is not enough to reach 1000, right?

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There are 20 million records.

| username: 艾琳逼哥索 | Original post link

I’ve checked everything but it still doesn’t work.


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Try changing it to 1