Archiving Generates Delete Events Causing CDC Link Delays

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Original topic: 归档产生delete事件导致cdc链路延迟

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On January 18, 2024, at 20:10, several tables in TiDB were archived. During the archiving process, CDC experienced delays. The CDC link delay was resolved only after the archiving stopped and the delayed consumption was completed.

[TiDB Version] V6.1.5
[Impact of the Bug]
Every day at midnight, the previous day’s data synchronized to Kafka via CDC is processed. If there is a delay at midnight, it will affect the report data for that day. The CDC delay causes incomplete consumption of the day’s data after midnight.

[Expected Behavior]
During archiving, CDC performance should be able to handle the volume of data generated by deletions.

[Additional Background Information or Screenshots]
Archive log screenshot:

CDC delay Grafana screenshot 1:

CDC delay Grafana screenshot 2:

CDC delay Grafana screenshot 3:

CDC delay Grafana screenshot 4:

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Is archiving the process of deleting part of the original table’s data and inserting it into a historical table, all within the same database?

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You can directly create an archive database, and the archived data will not be synchronized, so there will be no delay if you set up a CDC filtering mechanism.

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In version 6.2, there is an event filter… specifying that the delete operation of a certain table should not be synchronized downstream. See if this can meet your needs. You should upgrade to version 6.5.x to experience this feature.

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The bottleneck might be that the sink is writing downstream too slowly. If the downstream is MySQL or TiDB, try increasing the worker-count.配置-mysqltidb

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  1. Is ticdc deployed upstream or downstream, and what is the network latency between upstream and downstream? See TiCDC 常见问题解答 | PingCAP 文档中心
  2. Check upstream large transactions & downstream write bottlenecks, see TiCDC 常见问题解答 | PingCAP 文档中心
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Your CDC performance bottleneck is at the sorter stage, the puller stage is normal, but the sorter is relatively slow, affecting the subsequent synchronization QPS.

You can perform targeted tuning.

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You can refer to my previous experience in optimizing CDC. If your TiCDC synchronization performance has not been improving and you can’t find a good solution, try increasing the per-table-memory-quota parameter. It might bring unexpected surprises.

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