Are there any events where I can get PCTA vouchers?

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Original topic: 有没有活动可以获得PCTA券的呀?

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I saw someone mention that they often send out exam vouchers and discount coupons. How can I get them?

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They will probably distribute it during events. I earned my points by answering questions and then exchanged them.

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Redeem at the following URL:

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Be active in the forum, earning points can be exchanged for exams.

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You can refer to this article for official redemption code acquisition channels: 【兑换指南】如何获得 TiDB 精品课程及认证考试兑换码? - TiDB 的问答社区. Recently, PingCAP arranged a Partner Learning Acceleration Camp for partners, but the registration for this event has already closed. You can continue to follow official updates for future activities. Rumor has it that partners will also collaborate with PingCAP to conduct some activities in the near future. You can consult the partners mentioned in the article above.

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Currently, it seems to mainly rely on points.
You can earn points by signing in, posting questions, answering questions, participating in chat sessions, and publishing special articles.

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Exams with substantial content do not simply give out vouchers. There are also no question banks to memorize.

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Okay, thank you, everyone.

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Earn points, gain opportunities, and learn knowledge.

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You can watch more courses, check in every day, and then exchange for exam opportunities.

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Earn points to exchange for exams.

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Is it currently only possible to obtain exam papers through points redemption?

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Earn points

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