Are there many cases of using TiDB in the banking industry?

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Original topic: 银行业用tidb的案例多么?

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In October 2021, CCB Fintech integrated TiKV version 5.0.4 into the bank’s distributed system for the first time, successfully withstanding the pressure of over 40,000 TPS and running stably, marking the beginning of TiKV’s significant role in CCB Fintech’s distributed system. With the transformation of core business, CCB Fintech switched its entire core business to the distributed platform at the end of last year, where TiKV played a very critical role. Since the beginning of 2022, CCB Fintech has further leveraged TiKV’s high availability system to build cross-regional and cross-center disaster recovery capabilities.

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Hangzhou Bank

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I’ve heard there are quite a few.

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There are quite a few official case studies金融#case

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I just saw that China Construction Bank is also using it

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I don’t know if it’s peripheral business or core business, but it feels like core business is used less.

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I feel that it is still used relatively less now.

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It should gradually increase.

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It seems that besides the internet, the financial industry uses it the most.

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