Are there other methods for monitoring a TiDB cluster without relying on Grafana?

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Original topic: TIDB集群不依赖grafana监控,是否还有其他的手段

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] V6.5.8
[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] TiDB’s Grafana monitoring is very comprehensive, which is beyond doubt. However, in scenarios where there are many TiDB clusters, are there other monitoring methods (preferably API interfaces) that can be unified into one monitoring platform? Currently, I see some information from the community documentation (TiDB 集群监控 API | PingCAP 文档中心), but it is still somewhat incomplete, especially for tidbserver [connection count, QPS, row changes per second, slow requests, etc.]. Has anyone done in-depth research on this?

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Grafana retrieves data from Prometheus, and your monitoring can also capture data from here.

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Through the TiDB monitoring API, it is complete.

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Currently, Grafana is considered a relatively mainstream monitoring and observation component. If you want to embed it into your own platform, you can call Grafana’s charts. Create the charts in Grafana and then embed them into your own platform. This way, it can also be achieved.

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Is it here?

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Yes, Prometheus uses the metrics interfaces of various TiDB components to obtain monitoring data.

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May I ask if Prometheus is a component installed by monitoring_servers?

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There are interfaces, and mainstream monitoring systems can all be used.

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TiDB’s own monitoring already covers a wide range, and specific needs can be met by customizing export collection.

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All the interfaces should be available, right?

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This monitoring_servers deployment might also be a single point of failure :sweat_smile:

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Grafana is a monitoring dashboard, and the data is in Prometheus. As long as your monitoring platform supports PromSQL, it will work.

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It’s just a single point, Grafana and alertmanager are also single points.

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Your platform can directly connect to the cluster’s Prometheus or collect component information from each node by itself. The first method is recommended.

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I wonder if Prometheus also calls the PD interface to obtain these basic monitoring data.

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It’s easy to grab Prometheus, but complicated to use the API.

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We need to study which nodes Prometheus is collecting data from in TiDB, haha.

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Sure, check the addresses in the Prometheus configuration file, they should be under the metrics of each component’s status port. You can test it with TiDB, try curl http://<tidb_address>:10080/metrics, replacing <tidb_address> with your TiDB address. You can understand it as each component having already implemented an exporter.

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I just tested it, and the metrics interface of TIDBServer is OK. I’ll check if there is an interface on the TIKV component as well. Thank you very much.