Backup and Restore a Single Table Using BR Tool

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Original topic: 使用br工具备份与恢复单表

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I set up a standalone version of MinIO myself, and then used the BR tool to back up a table’s data to MinIO. The backup command is shown in the image below:

When I wrote this command into a shell script and then used a Java program to call the script, I found that the data was backed up to MinIO, but it was stuck at the checkpoint. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

It keeps looping as shown below:

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Is there any output when you manually run this command?

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:thinking: How about manually executing the backup command?

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It’s hard to make a judgment on this. I suggest you split and test it as follows:

  • Manually execute the command to see if there are similar log outputs. If there are, it might be performing the cp operation normally, as there are no errors or warnings. Be patient and wait.
  • If it’s normal, then execute the shell script to see if there is a similar situation.
  • If everything above is normal, then execute the scenario where the Java program is called to verify if the changes are introduced after Java is involved.
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The program may not run correctly, handle it manually first.

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