Backup and Restore Issues

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Original topic: 备份恢复问题

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Two machines: one for backup and one for recovery. Backup to S3. The recovery machine pulls from S3 for PITR. At this point, does the backup machine need to disable log backup?

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I didn’t quite understand. Are you asking whether the log backup of the backup set needs to be turned off, or whether the log backup of the restore machine needs to be turned off?

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When restoring, you will be prompted to choose a recovery time, which is essentially selecting a snapshot for recovery.

As for whether to shut down, it will not affect the recovery process. Please refer to…

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The backup. There are two clusters: one backup cluster and one recovery cluster. The recovery cluster is brand new with nothing enabled.

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To restore on the original machine, you need to disable log backup. But if you start a new machine for restoration, you don’t need to disable log backup, right?

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No need to close.

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It’s not about the machine, it’s calculated based on the cluster. The original cluster cannot be restored. Unless you remove all related data from the original cluster and choose a backup from S3… This is very risky, don’t do it this way…

It is generally recommended to use a new cluster for recovery…

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PITR only supports recovery to a brand new empty cluster.
The data restored by BR does not have logs, so it cannot be synchronized through CDC and binlog, which is unrelated to whether the logs are enabled or not.

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The restoration is to a new cluster, the original one does not need to be shut down.

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For creating a new cluster recovery, you can also look into FLASHBACK DATABASE for data recovery.

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