Basic-tikv-0 failed to start

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Original topic: basic-tikv-0启动失败

| username: TiDBer_B3GcBY89

[Test Environment] Testing environment
[TiDB Version] v6.1.0
[Reproduction Path] Deploy basic-tikv-0 in k8s
[Issue Encountered: Error finding dynamic PVC when deploying with tidb-cluster.yaml]
[Resource Configuration]
[TiDB Operator Version]:
[K8s Version]: 1.23.4
[Attachments: Screenshot/Logs/Monitoring]

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Judging by the error message, it seems that the raft data dir is configured in the tikv.toml file, and the error message indicates that it is an invalid configuration. Try deleting it.

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There is no path set, right?

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