BR Backup Error: [BR:Backup:ErrBackupChecksumMismatch] Backup checksum mismatch

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Original topic: BR备份出现Error: [BR:Backup:ErrBackupChecksumMismatch]backup checksum mismatch

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An error occurred during the checksum in the BR backup, around 19:24. The backup was successful after removing --backupts.
Command: tiup br backup full --pd “${pd}” --backupts “2023-07-26 19:19:00” --storage “s3://tidb-backup/data/full-backup/snapshot-20230726191900?access-key=${key}&secret-access-key=${secret}” --s3.region cn-northwest-1
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You backed up at 11:24 and specified to back up the data from 19:19? How could that possibly succeed?

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Unless he modified the GC parameters :upside_down_face:

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The default GC is 10 minutes, which means that the backup is also calculated at least 10 minutes in advance, right?

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