BR Log Backup Failed, Prompting to Set log-backup.enable to True

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Original topic: br日志备份失败,提示log-backup.enable要设置为true

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Using br for log backup, an error occurs: Unable to create task about log-backup. please set TiKV config log-backup.enable to true and restart TiKVs, but this parameter is true by default, and querying this configuration also shows true.
Are there any other parameters that need to be set?

Execution command: tiup br log start --task-name=pitr --pd ${pd_url}
–storage “s3://tidb-backup/logbackup?access-key=${access_key}&secret-access-key=${secret_access_key}&endpoint=${minio_url}”

There is no issue with performing a full backup.

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Try setting it to true and see if the prompt is still friendly.

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Are both the cluster and br versions 7.1.1?

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I have tried manual settings as well, and the situation is the same. The version is 7.1.1.

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Solved it. The issue was that the TiKV status port was not open in the Docker deployment.

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