Br log truncate did not completely clean up the log backup data

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Original topic: br log truncate没有完全清理日志备份数据

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When cleaning up log backup data, if you choose to clean up data before the 27th, why is only part of the backup from the 26th cleaned up, while data from earlier dates is completely cleaned up?

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What data is retained inside?

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The log time and TSO are not exactly the same, right?

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You can manually clear it.

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You can use lsof to check if a file is being used by a process.

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Why not just directly remove the unwanted backups that are archived by date?

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It’s just log backup.

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Finally, it was discovered that the time on the NFS server host was incorrect, lagging by several hours. As a result, when mounted, the backup time appeared to be 16:00 on the 27th, while the TiDB host was actually at midnight on the 28th. Therefore, when deleting, it deleted everything before midnight on the 28th, while the NFS side showed deletions before 16:00. The log backup itself was not an issue.

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The time is not synchronized.

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The time is different.

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:joy: This problem was solved three days ago~

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