BR Restore Error but Restore Status is 100%

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Original topic: BR恢复报错但是resotre是100%状态

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The backup was done using BR version 4.0.9, and the restore was done using BR version 5.0.0. A test restore of several hundred GBs had no issues, but this 2TB restore is showing this error.

This is the restore result:

This is the restore log error:

Has the restore completed? Can it be used normally?

Additional: I found a document that mentions a similar error, saying it’s due to insufficient resources. If I want to restore again, how should I proceed? How do I delete the data?

total restore files: 99378, total success: 99377, total failed: 1"]
It shows that only one file failed. Where can I find this one file? Can I restore the corresponding data separately?

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It doesn’t look good :thinking:, the stack trace seems to show an error thrown during ingestSST, it probably can’t be used. Let’s see if other experts have any ideas.

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I checked the data of several tables, and the data can be queried. Can this be pinpointed to a specific error code, whether it is data loss or something else?

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Check your data recovery process.

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First, it looks like the recovery failed.
Then, according to the official documentation, it should support cross-version backup and recovery like this.

For a new recovery, you can clean the cluster or destroy and rebuild the cluster. After all, BR recovery requires restoring to an empty cluster.

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It seems that there is an issue with a file, but the progress has been rounded to 100%.

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If it is a normal recovery situation, there will be a data consistency check at the end. Passing the check indicates that the data recovery is complete.

Now, your recovery task has not shown reaching this state, which means it has not been fully successful.

Usually, when encountering this problem, you can only delete the same database tables downstream (if it was an empty cluster originally, you can use tiup to clear the cluster with one click), and then re-execute the recovery task.

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Alright~~~ I’ll have to restore and take a look again.

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It is best to restore it again.

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