BUG Report - TiDB Dashboard Startup Time Display Bug

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Original topic: BUG反馈-TIDB Dashboard启动时间展示bug

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[Bug Report]
There is a bug in the TiDB Dashboard startup time display.

Today is Wednesday, February 8, 2023. After opening the Dashboard, the TiDB component that started on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, is displayed as “Wednesday” in the startup time section. Without careful observation, one might think it started today (Wednesday, February 8, 2023), which is highly misleading. In contrast, the display for February 21, 2022, 23:41 (GMT+8) is normal.

[TiDB Version] v5.2.2

[Impact of the Bug]
If the mouse is not moved to the startup time section, one might think the component started today, which is highly misleading. It would be better to display the specific time directly.

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This is a bit tricky, it should be a front-end display issue. However, I checked my versions 5.4.3 and 6.5.0, and they are both normal.

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Yes, it is a display issue. The data in the information_schema.CLUSTER_INFO table is normal.

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It has been reported to the relevant teacher.

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Understood, this is a known bug that has already been resolved.

You can fix this issue by upgrading. Currently, this problem has not been encountered in version 6.5.0.
If possible, please upgrade your cluster~

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