Building a Whitelist Tool for Testing DM

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Original topic: 构建测试dm的白名单工具

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I saw several posts in the forum about whitelist issues not meeting expectations and not reporting errors. I also have corresponding needs in my work and have a limited understanding of the rule principles. Although I can set the dm worker’s log level to debug, each test is quite costly. So, I decided to look into the source code and was determined to write a tool to verify whether the whitelist results meet expectations.
As expected, what I thought of has already been implemented by the official team. I found that a small tool can be built from the source code:
However, when downloading, I often get the following error: module found (v2.0.11+incompatible), but does not contain package

Has anyone used this tool? How do you handle this?

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Haven’t played it :rofl:
Waiting to observe

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I haven’t played it.

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I tried to compile it. If you directly download this file, the compilation will report this error.

It should be that the version pointed to by the module is too low.

Directly download the source code of tidb, put this test file into the root directory of the source code, and I named this test file tf.go.

Then go to the source code directory and directly go build tf.go.

The running effect is as follows:


This is indeed a relatively simple way to verify the filtering rules, although it has a bit of a threshold. :+1:

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I did the same. I put TiDB’s filter and table-filter into DM to run.