Calculate Integral Programming

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Original topic: 算一下积分规划

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2899 Points Plan

Current Points: 711
Date: 2023/10/27

Points Gap: 2899-711=2188

Points Acquisition:
Daily Guaranteed: 85 points
Daily Check-in: 2 points for 1 day; 3 points for 2 consecutive days; 5 points for 3 or more consecutive days, resets if missed. Calculated as 5 points/day.
Answering Questions: 8 points x 10 times/day = 80 points


Estimated Time to Accumulate: 2023/11/26-2023/11/27

Non-fixed Points:
Publishing Articles: 100-200 points, unlimited daily, but subject to review, not counted for now.
Posting Technical Questions: 5 points, also not fixed.
Answer Upvotes: 2 points, 10 times/day.
Best Answer Selection: 15 points, 10 times/day.
Marking Self-posted Threads as ‘Best Answer’: 5 points, 10 times/day.

Fixed plus Non-fixed, calculated at minimum once: 85+100+2+15+5+5=212


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Why not consider the video courses obtained?

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You can also add points for weekly chats! This is great!

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What’s there to calculate… :rofl:

The more contributions you make, the more you’ll have.

Refer to my heatmap

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This is your popularity, keep working hard, and good luck!

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An article a day

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:yum: Wow, it’s so red~

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Dark red, you are truly an expert. I bow down in admiration.

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Being active will earn you points.

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