Calculation of resolved ts in the TiKV CDC module

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Original topic: TiKV CDC模块中 resolved ts的计算

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Recently, I have been reading the source code of TiCDC and related blogs (including the CDC module of TiKV). There are many details that I do not understand, so I am here to ask for advice.

  1. In TiKV, if a synchronized table involves region1, 2, and 3, does TiCDC need to establish RPC communication with each region leader? Does the CDC module of each region need to calculate the resolved ts?
  2. When the CDC module of a region calculates the resolved ts, is it calculated individually for each region or comprehensively for multiple regions? Is the scope of the involved regions the regions where the table is distributed, rather than all regions?
  3. In other words, is the calculated resolved ts corresponding to a single region, all regions, or all regions where a synchronized table is distributed?
  4. How is the order of resolved ts events and data change events ensured when the CDC module returns data to TiCDC?
  5. Is there any study group related to TiCDC? I couldn’t find one online. :smile:
    Thank you!
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Too long, I’ll answer the first one. Yes.

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  1. Calculate resolved ts separately, yes.
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  1. Corresponds to all Regions distributed in a certain synchronized table.
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Welcome to check out the source code reading blog of the TiKV CDC module TiCDC Source Code Reading (II) Introduction to TiKV CDC Module | PingCAP

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