Call for TiDB Official to Form a Technical Exchange Group to Improve User Experience

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Original topic: 呼吁TiDB官方组建技术交流群,提高用户使用体验

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During the use of TiDB, some issues may arise that require consultation. While help can be obtained through the community, it can still be somewhat slow in today’s fast-paced environment. Could a technical group be established where technology enthusiasts can exchange TiDB-related knowledge? Could TiDB’s official support staff answer questions within the group? For more complex issues, users could then post questions and upload logs in the community.

This approach would not only facilitate the dissemination and exchange of TiDB technology and learning but also address common user issues, enhancing the user experience. It would also allow the community to focus on more complex issues that truly need attention. For your reference.

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There is a group. Contact my cousin to join the group.

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  1. Currently, there is an official TiDB discussion group. You can contact @Billmay to join.
  2. Actually, I think the opposite. Simple and common questions should be posted in the community. This is more conducive to knowledge sharing and helps more people solve similar problems. After all, the community is an open platform, while discussion groups are more private.
  3. If the problem is particularly complex, it is recommended to subscribe to the enterprise version service for support from specialized technical personnel.
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You can refer to it.

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Develop a feature on the official website to contact my cousin with one click!

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My cousin is a newbie and doesn’t understand technology, but you can add me on WeChat: billmay. If needed, I can invite you to the group~

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First, apply to join the group for communication.

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Actually, the group is not as active as here. I hardly answer questions in the group :smile:. I don’t have time to keep an eye on WeChat all the time.

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Regarding why you should post your question before asking in the group, here is my response:

  1. We want to maximize the value of the question by preserving it in the community, so it can continuously help anyone who encounters similar issues. If someone faces a similar problem, they can simply search for the answer, allowing everyone to solve problems more quickly.
  2. Helping your peers can also earn you points and experience rewards, although they may not be much.
  3. You can describe the problem comprehensively in one go, especially when there are screenshots, execution plans, and logs. Information in group chats is very scattered and hard to collect.
  4. There are over 20,000 members in the community, and posting can get you more attention and possible solutions.
  5. When you ask in a group, only the current members can see the question. However, if it is a post, I can seek help for you in several community groups if needed.
  6. Clearly and comprehensively describing the problem helps everyone locate the issue more quickly, allowing you to solve your problem faster.
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