Can a 5 million data update operation be executed directly or does it need to be done in batches?

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Original topic: 500万数据更新操作可以直接执行吗还是需要分批

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Can the update operation for 5 million records be executed directly, or does it need to be done in batches?

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Due to the size limitations of the parameters txn-entry-size-limit and txn-total-size-limit, it is best to split the actual operations.

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This data volume tends to be processed in batches.

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Batch processing, avoid large transactions.

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Check if the memory is sufficient; overall execution should be fine.

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The overall execution may be limited by the size of the transaction. Even if it happens to be within the limit and can be executed, it is expected that the execution time will be relatively long.

It is recommended to process in batches, which is also the best practice recommended by the official documentation.

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Updating 5 million records at once may lead to two issues:

  1. Exceeding the transaction size, resulting in failure to execute successfully;
  2. Excessive memory usage, causing TiDB nodes to OOM (Out of Memory);
    It is recommended to split the batch.
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If no one else is using the cluster and there is enough time to wait for execution, completing the task in one go poses no technical issues for the database.

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The suggestion is to execute in batches, unless the hardware resources are particularly strong.