Can CDC support data subscription for TiDB tables without primary keys?

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Original topic: cdc能否支持tidb无主键表数据订阅?

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Testing
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【Reproduction Path】Create a table without PK and UK in TiDB
【Encountered Problem: Problem Description and Impact】CDC cannot capture data from tables without primary keys
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No, it will cause data inconsistency between upstream and downstream.

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  • Tables synchronized by TiCDC need to have at least one valid index, defined as follows:
    • A primary key (PRIMARY KEY) is a valid index.
    • A unique index (UNIQUE INDEX) is valid if each column is explicitly defined as non-null (NOT NULL) in the table structure and there are no virtual generated columns (VIRTUAL GENERATED COLUMNS).
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The official documentation states that a primary key or unique key is required. You can check it here: TiCDC 简介 | PingCAP 文档中心

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If there is no primary key or unique key, only full table synchronization can be performed, and row-level incremental synchronization is not possible.
Try to implement a cross-database synchronization function using a stored procedure, and you will understand the reasoning behind it.

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It is not supported. Such table creation DDL without primary keys and non-null unique indexes cannot be synchronized.

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Tables without primary keys or unique keys will be considered ineligible, and CDC will not perform synchronization.

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At least one primary key or a non-null unique key is required.

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Not supported, there must be at least one primary key or a non-null unique key.

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Not supported, a primary key is required.

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Tables without primary keys in TiDB have their own rowid, right? Can’t CDC output the rowid? Handling it should be a downstream issue, but not outputting it directly seems a bit unreasonable.