Can DM Data Migration Configure Multiple Downstream Databases in a Single DM?

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Original topic: dm数据迁移能不能同一个dm配置多个下游数据库

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Can DM synchronization filter and synchronize based on conditions, and configure multiple downstream databases with the same DM?

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Look at the big arrow.

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Different tables can be routed to different downstream databases, and you can try different tasks. Routing the same table to different downstream databases, as mentioned above, is not supported.

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I saw this, can SQL be used to filter and synchronize data?

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Definitely not, what are you thinking? :upside_down_face:

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Not very good.

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Waiting for the test results~

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Tested, it doesn’t work… A source database can only be routed once.

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No, it can’t.

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It can’t be done.