Can DM synchronization filter fields?

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Original topic: DM同步能否过滤字段

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Can DM synchronization filter certain fields when syncing to the downstream database?

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It should not be possible. DM supports two methods of data filtering:
One is the database table blacklist/whitelist, with the smallest granularity being the table.
The other is binlog event filtering, such as not synchronizing truncate operations.

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I read the documentation but couldn’t find anything related to filtering fields.

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Cannot filter fields.

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It is based on binlog row mode replication.
Row mode will record the values of all fields.

Of course, in principle, reducing some fields is not impossible, but it should not be supported now.
Moreover, if you want to do desensitization through DM, there will still be sensitive data in the binlog, which is unavoidable.

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The smallest granularity is the table; field-level granularity is not supported yet.

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Create a view to achieve it.

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It won’t work.

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Refer to this, it might help you: Manage Table Schemas for TiDB Data Migration | PingCAP Documentation Center

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Create a transitional table.

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