Can I stop the cluster if there is a TiKV in pending offline status?

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Original topic: 有tikv 处于 pending offline 状态,可以 stop 集群吗?

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There is a TiKV in a pending offline state, can I stop the cluster?
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You can stop, but the offline process is not yet complete.

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Wait until it is completed before stopping. Although there are 3 replicas, it is to avoid data loss or corruption.

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You can stop the cluster.

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You can stop, but it’s not recommended. If a replica is lost, it needs to be replenished, which increases the risk.

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It is important to note that after taking a TiKV offline, the requirement of having a minimum of 3 replicas must still be met. Otherwise, it might get stuck indefinitely.

I once scaled down one of the three TiKVs in my test environment, and it remained pending offline for several weeks. :joy:

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If there is a TiKV in the pending offline state, it indicates that a node is in the process of “going offline” and is migrating data to other nodes to ensure the requirement of three replicas. When a node is in this state, it means that the cluster has data with only two replicas, which is important to note.

Of course, the cluster’s service is still normal at this time. If you want to stop the cluster, it will not block you, and you can proceed with the operation. However, when you restart the cluster, it will continue to migrate data to other nodes and remain in the pending offline state until all data is migrated to other nodes and reaches the tombstone state.

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